T W O ' s   C O M P A N Y
  True love takes many forms, and it is clear that Coda and Dais share it.  Together since birth, they bore one litter of pups before being spayed and neutered by their previous owner.  Now, they pal around as forever friends, drawing companionship, comfort, and protection from one another. 
COZY ALREADY -- On their first night home, Dais and Coda stay close to each other on the sofa.  (February 2004)
TOGETHER ALWAYS - Whether it's in the yard, in a chair, or in the backseat of the car, Coda and Dais always stay together.  Where one goes, the other always follows.
On window patrol, in the punishment corner, pouting for seconds, and begging for treats, Coda and Dais try to "double" their message!
OUTDOOR PALS -- On a hike in the snow, on a walk through our neighborhood, and while enjoying the water view on a hike, Dais and Coda stay close as they explore, track, and hunt for squirrels.