T H R E E ' s   a                                      
R  I  O  T ! ! !
Between fostering and dog-sitting for friends, having THREE dogs or Westies in our house has made for some very interesting moments!  Luckily, Coda and Dais are great sports about making new friends!
ME, ME, ME -- All three dogs, including foster Timmy, clamored for attention at Christmastime, while foster Sidney snagged a new winter coat!
OK, LISTEN UP -- Dais and Coda give lessons in Window Etiquette to our guest dogs.  They love to show fosters like Percy (left) and Molly (right) how to patrol the neithborhood from this side of the glass!!

Outside and inside,
no matter the activity,
the three-pack
sticks together!
But Dais,
atop the deck chair
and atop the ottoman,
always seems
to get the best spot!

Usually we host Westies, but when a co-worker's Golden Retriever visited in 2004, Dais and Coda were good sports about tolerating his big,
long legs!
FAMILY AFFAIR -- Hikes are a challenge with three, especially Sidney, who tired on the long trail.  Our Christmas photo with Molly was equally tiring -- it took 14 tries to get this shot!