PHOTOS - Page 5
THE RIGHT STUFF -- Look at that face!!  Foster Percy, left, always had the right stuff -- brains, beauty, obedience skills, and an AKC registration!  His new mom, Patricia, is very lucky to have grabbed him!  Right, there's something about this threesome that makes it look like mischief is about to happen!
THE CUTEST GHOST -- Not to be outdone, Casper (right and below) shows off his own handsome features after producing our most dramatic before/after makeover results!  (Sorry, we don't have pics of him "before.")  Take it from us, Casper, too, was a winner, as he showed here posing one last time before leaving to live with new Dad Brett and his family.  We miss Casper's unending supplies of affection and devotion!
JUST THE TWO OF US -- Happy to be rid of all the fosters (for the time being), Coda and Dais enjoy some sunbathing and later take to the patio chair to see if those darn cats are still wandering the neighborhood!
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