PHOTOS - Page 2
BRITISH WESTIES - Coda tries to hitch a ride to London by jumping into Kimmie's suitcase as she packs.  Upon her return, Coda and Dais modeled their new Harrod's t-shirts!
PICTURE PERFECT - We love our new groomer, Kathleen Muth, at the Hunt Valley Animal Hospital.  Left, Coda and Dais pause for a photo of their new cuts.  Right, Coda gets his own close-up after grooming.  He's always been handsome, but look at him now!
SUMMERTIME IN THE SUN -- Dais, above, takes a break on a sunny summer walk in the park.  Right (top to bottom), Percy, Dais, and Coda combine their sunbathing hobby with time spent patrolling the backyard.  We have the best-guarded back door in town!
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