Scottish Christmas Parade 2005
December 3 - Alexandria, Virginia

Coda and Dais love to participate in all of Westie Rescue's events, but the annual Christmas parade provides the best opportunity to show off some fancy attire and to try for some good family photos!  It's also a great way to participate in the marketing efforts of
Westie Rescue, who attracts a larger crowd every year, with an increasing number of rescues participating.  Coda and Dais are very proud to be among their ambassadors!
ALL DRESSED UP -- Coda and Dais wore their Santa hats for all of five minutes, but enjoyed their Scottish plaid shirts and Westie sweater vests!

As always, since the roadtrip provided an opportunity for Dais (left) and Coda (right) to meet other Westies, they both were
good sports about the drive.

With so many people around, it's hard to get one Westie to cooperate for a photo, let alone two Westies!  We did our best to capture photos with Aunt Karen (left) and Miss Kimmie (right).

On a 20-degree day, even a Westie needs some warming!  Luckily,
Miss Kimmie and Aunt Karen
were happy to oblige Coda and
Dais, providing them with some warm cuddles!
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