E n j o y i n g                                        
     t h e   G R E A T   O U T D O O R S
  Coda and Dais love the outdoors, and we are lucky
to have many places to explore in our area.  Here
are just a few of our
outdoor memories.
HIKING WESTIES -- After a hike, Dais, Coda, and foster Sidney posed with Kimmie for a picture.
HEART WALK 2004 -- We walked along Baltimore's Inner Harbor as part of the Johns Hopkins Hospital team to raise funds for the American Heart Association.  It was a dreary Halloween weekend, but Coda and Dais loved the 4+ mile route and enjoyed showing off their costume jerseys (above)!  Here, Aunt Karen guides them through the crowd.
FIGHTING CABIN FEVER -- After missing several walks due to frigid temps and snowfall, we fit in a warm winter hike to
celebrate the dogs' birthdays and burn off the cabin fever! 
By far, the dogs' favorite place to go is
a free public park in our area that is
quite expansive and hosts many hiking
trails of varying difficulty.  On two
separate hikes, we stopped for
pics with Kimmie (left) and Aunt Karen, with foster Sidney (right).