O U R   F O S T E R S   _________
  In 2004, we volunteered to be a foster home for Westie Rescue Mid-Atlantic.  Within a day we were assigned our first Foster, who came to stay with us until a new, permanent home could be found for her.  We have since fostered additional Westies and enjoy helping find new homes for them!
Sidney was our first Foster Westie.  She was
a little princess, without a castle after her previous elderly owner moved to a nursing home.  As an older gal herself, Sidney had some sight and hearing issues, but had quite
a zest for life!  She enjoyed her time walking and hiking with Coda and Dais and now lives with a big, German Shepard brother.
Molly, on top of the sofa with Dais and Coda, was our second foster.  She was found as a stray -- scared and in need of medical attention.  Westie Rescue
brought her to Maryland for treatment, TLC, and basic training.  With a bright future ahead of her, she blossomed into a lively lady.  She is now enjoying a new
life with mom Bonnie and big brother Barkley, who is also a Westie!
Six-month-old Timmy was placed with us urgently on Christmas Eve after being rescued from a puppy mill in the South.  He had major skin issues and a genetically malformed leg, but after lots of TLC from new mom, Blair, Timmy is as good as new!  He now shares playtime with Westie and Scottie siblings!
TIMMY -- Before . . . . and after. (After photo courtesy of new mom Blair.)
Percy came to us as a perfectly gorgeous, healthy, well-trained, and AKC-registered Westie!   But, as a 9-year-old boy with Addison's disease, he needed a special home that could provide for all his medical needs.  Luckily, new mom Patricia came to the rescue and Percy now has a new home and lots of new friends in his neighborhood!
Casper was an 8-year-old
from the South -- a sweet, devoted gentleman
who was sometimes scared and shy due to an uncaring past.  Casper's new dad Brett recognized his loving potential and welcomed him into his family's home.  Casper now has a whole pack of special people to call his own and may even get visits from a younger
Westie cousin! 
A FINAL WORD -- Fostering is an integral part of any rescue program, most of which do not have physical locations that can house dogs until they are placed.  In addition, fostering in a real home allows dogs an introduction to what life holds ahead for them!  If you can volunteer a little time and TLC to help care for a Westie as a new home is found, please visit http://www.westieusa.com and fill out a volunteer application.  For your information, we can tell you that each of our fosters were with us from 1 to 2 weeks and have all taught us something new about what it means to have a fresh start in life!