Kimberly, Coda, and Dais:
                           OUR JOURNEY INTO NATURAL CARE
As more and more pet owners discover the genuine benefits of natural pet care, rooted in Mother Nature's original plan for animals, two practices are gaining momentum and broader understanding:  (1) raw feeding, or the Bones And Raw Food diet; and (2) homeopathy.

Though Coda and Dais have only recently embarked on a journey of natural care, these approaches are not new.  I, personally, have heard MANY success stories from other Westie owners who have years, and sometimes decades of experience in rearing Westies using these two approaches.  Owners who have raised Westies from birth using this kind of natural care report that their Westies are free of problems that are usually considered "typical" for the breed.  In addition, dogs who "convert" to these practices mid-life also see dramatic improvement.  To me, the overwhelming number of positive reports from friends, colleagues, and fellow Westie owners is enough to demonstrate that Westies do not HAVE to be itchy dogs, do not need prescription diets as the only option for skin health, and do not need medications like steroids or Atopica to maintain a healthy balance.

After much consideration -- and frustrated with recurring problems in Coda and Dais, including ear infections, skin problems, itches, and fleas and ticks -- we embarked on our first try with the raw diet in April 2006, then followed with a dive into homeopathy in January 2007.

As Coda and Dais have just begun homeopathic care, we will reserve a detailed report for later.

However, after being on a raw diet for over 9 months, Coda and Dais have experienced many improvements, including the following:

- elimination of fleas
- no recurrences of ear infections
- no food reactions or itches related to food
- thicker coats
- cleaner teeth
- increased energy and playfulness
- balanced skin texture (not oily or dry)
- elimination of coprophagia and other unhealthy "nibbling" habits
- smaller, more consistent stools, and
- weight maintenance.

In addition, Coda and Dais have been able to forego Frontline and other chemical flea deterrents.  Their healthy bodies are no longer attractive hosts for parasites.  For 9 months, we have successfully relied solely on natural spray deterrents.  (See Flutterbye Aromatics,

Only a dedicated parent, in touch with his/her dog's needs, feelings, and history can decide the appropriate type of care.  For those interested in exploring or researching the natural remedies we have explored, some informational links are included in the following pages.
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