Doggie Duds
The Apparel Collection of Coda and Dais
WET WESTIES -- In an attempt to stay dry when they just can't wait to go walking, Dais and Coda try some custom raincoats.
RAVENS FANS? -- Dais and Coda look great in purple, but is their support for the team fading
along with the season?
SPORTS FANS -- For Halloween 2004, Coda and Dais kept it simple with baseball- and soccer-themed jerseys.
STRAIGHT FROM LONDON -- Coda and Dais add flair to their warbdrobes with t-shirts from Harrod's.
WINTER WARMTH -- Dais, Coda, and even foster Sidney stay warm during the winter with a collection of fleece coats, Scottish outerwear, and sweatshirts.