Coda is a sweet, cuddly Westie boy with a sense of humor and easygoing nature.  His most popular nickname is Coda Bear, because he is just like a teddy bear!  His other nicknames include Cuddle Bug, Silly Willy and Stinky.  He's not great with commands, but he is always by my side and LOVES to play with his plush squeakie toys. 

Coda gets stressed if he has to share his toys, but he has been a great foster brother to all our Foster Westies, especially Timmy.  Coda loves and needs his play and walk time and is also devoted to cuddle time!  As a proper gentleman, he defers to Dais on many matters, but still finds time to be the man and guard of the house. 

In public, Coda makes new friends very quickly!  He loves being in a crowd of people or Westies. 
C o d a
Coda catches a breeze out the car window.  
TOY MONGER -- Coda is very possessive of his toys, retrieving them over and over in play and never letting another dog get to them first!
SLEEPY BOY - Coda gets lost in the sofa cushions. HAPPY HUMOR -- Coda has always been a silly, funny boy with a smile!
IS THAT A "SIT?" -- Coda tries to coax a winter walk by performing a perfect Sit Down.
A freshly-groomed Coda poses for a perfect picture!
STINKY BOY -- Coda gets dirty and stinky during a winter hike through the snow.
CAMERA CURIOUS -- In our first photo session, Coda kept us laughing with his hilarious interest in the camera!