Because Coda and Dais were relinquished by their previous owners just after their 6th birthdays in 2004,
we waited quite a while to share birthday celebrations.  Finally, in February 2005, each of them had a party!
GIFTS GALORE -- Coda's celebration kicked off with gifts from Kimmie and Aunt Karen, cupcakes, party hats, and party favors!
BIRTHDAY BOY -- Coda was a good sport about wearing the Elmo birthday hat!  He was even more agreeable about accepting the cupcake!
BIRTHDAY GIRL -- Dais also donned an Elmo
hat and sat with Coda patiently as their cupcakes were cut.  Neither one had any problem eating the cupcake right off the plate!
SESAME STREET TOYS - Dais introduced herself to her new handpuppet, Ernie.  Later, Aunt Karen used the Bert and Ernie puppets and the new squeakie toys to keep Coda and Dais feeling youthful and playful!