From Rags to Riches --
Successful Puppy Mill Adoptions!
(Left, Timmy in foster care, recovering from puppy mill skin infections.  Far left, Timmy in his new home, healthier but still carrying the genetic defect that deprived him of a full fourth leg.)
Designated by their miller as the runts of his collection, Timmy and dozens of his "siblings" were relinquished to Westie Rescue.  Only a few had such serious genetic defects that they could not be adopted.  The rest, like Timmy, got a second lease on life in new loving homes!

Months after being adopted, Timmy required additional surgery to correct "growing pains" associated with the abnormalities bred at the mill.  However, thanks to the great care provided by new mom Blair, Timmy enjoys a rich new life with a Westie and a Scottie sibling!
Bossie, the Westie, was relinquished by his puppy miller
along with a dozen mill-mates when the miller himself became overburdened
with the population!  After getting screened
by Westie Rescue vets, with clean teeth and updated shots,
Bossie found a new loving family that includes a playmate
named Happy!

(Photo courtesy of Bossie and Happy's mom)
Other Mill-Mates
Bossie's mill-mates included Westies of all ages and even two Cairn terriers (aka Westie wannabe's)!  All of them were screened by Westie Rescue's vets, provided with teeth cleaning, new shots, any needed exams and meds, and spay/neuters as necessary -- at a whopping cost of $9,000!!!  Ongoing donations to Westie Rescue and the adoption fees of loving new owners will go toward these costs.
(All photos courtesy of Westie Rescue USA.)
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