D a i s
  Dais is a beautiful Westie girl who is full of drama, playfulness, and athleticism.  Her nicknames include Pretty Girl, Sporty Girl, and Flirty Girl.  Dais is very good with commands and is learning to be a great outfielder!  Though she is larger than her brother, she frequently beats him at terrier races and also loves to be the leader on our walks and hikes!

   One of Dais's most endearing qualities is her ability to be a good foster "mom." She has lent care, understanding, discipline, and playfulness to all of our foster Westies at all the right times.  She has also enjoyed the company of several Golden Retrievers, who stayed as our guests.

   Dais is always the first to master new commands and often teaches other Westies through her example.
PRETTY GIRL - Awwwwwwwwww!  Look at that face!
FASHION PLATE - Dais dons her Scottish  overcoat for the 2004 Scottish Christmas Parade. 
Dais plays
from the back
Atop the toy bin, Dais sends a pretty clear message
about what
she'd rather be doing!
FUTURE CENTERFIELDER - Dais' favorite activity is playing catch.
SUPER MODEL -- A very cooperative covergirl, Dais agrees to try some apparel in hopes of creating an entertaining picture!
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